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Virtuos to hire Invincible Army for heading Key Business Units

Virtuos Group invests in the Key businesses — Consultare Portfolio, Strategic Business Unit — Vedam; Giftcart, Indic, Sweven and Tekcorp (GIST). The new Composabl™ Model — Thinking, Business Architecture, and Technologies will be aligned with all the group companies and divisions. These new businesses will be headed by the Senior Leaders who undergo and qualify Invincible1 Program requirements.

The Invincible Army are the members of Senior Leadership who will tie their future with the Company for a foreseeable period building Virtuos to be a formidable force in the next three to five years. Invincible Army members will be known for their extra-ordinary business acumen and Virtuoso attributes with proven leadership track record.


Consultare Units


Vedam Business Units


Virtuos Digital Ltd. is a leading Digital Transformation, Innovation, and Consulting company with its corporate headquarters in India, and the USA serving global customers. Virtuos has two important business operations, namely Consultare and Exonomy.

Virtuos Consultare

Virtuos Consultare delivers industry-specific Business 4.0 counsel and the integrated, end-to-end solutions that support its customers' strategic, operational, and financial goals. Virtuos Consultare is an Experience consultancy that provides superior customer moments and implements leading CRM and Customer Experience Applications — Oracle CX; Creatio CRM, Agiloft CLM, and Microsoft Dynamics amongst other niche players.

Other consulting services include:

  • CX.Digital Practice with Composabl™ CXNow™ — The Digital Transformation Program,
  • Composabl™ RainbowCX™ Technologies from niche players,
  • Composabl™ AXDesk™ BXDesk™, CXDesk™, LXDesk™, and QXDesk™ Managed Services,
  • EX.Digital Practice with Composabl™ W.Digital WorkPlace Program, and
  • Composabl™ Crayonz™ HR Technologies.

Other Key businesses include:

  • Vivacis™ Superpowers for SMB with Composabl™ Technologies,
  • Veracis™ Customer Trust Management Outsourcing Services,
  • Vaves™ Experience Practice with Oracle and Verint amongst others, and,
  • AURY®, the Composabl™ AI/ML Customer Engagement Tools.


Virtuos Vedam™ is the Experience Digital Consultancy offering Composabl™ Digital Products, Services, and Experiences such as UXMX Studio, Brandeer™, PowerVoice™, and WeProspect™. —

Virtuos Audacis™ is the newest business to offer Products and services that address Cloud; Brand; Design; and Attract strategies. Audacis has independently managed digital properties such as BrandExpo™, BrandCool™, DomainCool™, UXBook™ Attractancy™ along with YippeeMedia™ which will be managing more than 100+ sites promoting content for marketers. — |


Virtuos Group is strengthening its impact on the Experience Economy with Virtuez Exonomy, an ideation and incubation for the next-generation businesses harnessing Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cloud, ECommerce and Digital technologies by applying Composabl™ Principles. Three Other pillars inclue: Innovation On (formerly Innovation Open) lab, a think tank to breed and bootstrap new ventures; Expedience, an advisory & Management Consultancy and Infotangent, the research and Information Wing.

Virtuez Composabl™ Business for Experience Cloud™ and Experience Crowd™ includes a vast portfolio of products, services, experiences, and investments. |